Week Eight – Careers Advice Is Useless, But Not Having It Is Worse

In this article it talks about why career advice is useless and then why it not having can be worse. I really didn’t care that much for this article because to me I didn’t find at all helpful like the other articles we’ve had. The article talks about how having advice doesn’t help you achieve anything. Getting advice before an interview is very helpful and not useless. I like to know certain pointers before I go in to the interview to help me get through it and help with my nerves. I found that toward the end of the article was more interesting and helpful then the beginning because it tells you without the advice that we would make mistakes. It also says that the lack of career advice can you in embarrassing situations that you may not know how to recover from and my cost you the job. I think that not giving and getting advice can lead to disaster. The employer that is interviewing may also think that you really don’t care about the job and my question to themselves that you are really not interested in the job. It will show bad character on you and will cost you the job and possibly other jobs you go to interview with. 


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